Thursday, January 28, 2016


(written on Dec 10th)

I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 one week ago exactly. 3 days ago I woke up with tremendous pain. I had body ackes all over, heavy cramping, throwing up, and the other lovely thing you do when your stomach hurts.
I couldn't even stand up straight  
Ohhh, it was terrible!
In the morning I had diagnosed it as morning sickness. 
I had never experienced morning sickness with Emma so I had no idea what it felt like. 

 I was invited to a friends house to make Christmas ornaments that day and didnt want to cancel, so I took a shower and tried to put myself together.  I thought I would feel better getting out of the house.
It was difficult!
 I was there for a couple hours, white as a ghost, still not able to stand up straight.
Looking back now I should not have went. 
Later in the night, and still all of my symptoms are there, except for the throwing up.
I was starting to get really concerned for my new tiny baby.

First, I thought I had the stomach flu. 
I was sure of it! 
Then I thought about it some more and I am now sure that I had food poising. 
The night before I had eaten some carrots and cucumber with Caesar dressing. 
That had to be it! 
Caesar Dressing! 

Side story.
Moving to West Virginia, I had to be switched to a different insurance.  In order for me to make a appointment with a OBGYN, I first have to make a appointment with a Primary Care Provider, then they have to refer me to a "specialist". 
The list of PCP is short. 
I called a bunch hoping to get a appointment as soon as possible so I can get in to a OB and make sure my baby is OK. 
Well, here I am, 6 weeks pregnant, that just had a day of being violently sick and the closest Dr. appointment I can get is January 12! 
Are you serious. 
I have been calling everyday to see if there are any new openings because they don't have a "waiting" list. 
So, once I have the appointment, I have to wait even longer to go see a OB that they recommend!?! 
I am making a appointment for the day after at the Dr. I want to see, and they hopefully will "recommend" that one. 
7 weeks from now I will be seeing a Doctor for my first baby appointment. 
I don't like that! 
With Emma, I had my first one when I was 7 weeks. I heard her heartbeat and saw her little body. This baby will be 12 weeks or more... intill I get to know he/she is OK. 
That does not make me feel good. 

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I called my insurance company's nurses hotline to get a opinion if I should be going to the emergency room.
They asked me all of my symptoms and asked me a ton of questions. 
They were absolutely no help. All I wanted to know was if my baby was OK if I had the stomach flu or food poising. Of course they don't know the answer to that.  

I am still not feeling 100%. 
Every time I eat something it is not a fun time. 
I try to drink as much water as I can to keep hydrated. That's no fun either. 

This pregnancy has definitely got off to a stressful start for me. 
I just hope everything is OK.
I wont know in till 7 weeks from now.  :( 


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way! I am experiencing really bad morning sickness as well, it has not been fun at all.

  2. Dear Katie,so sorry you are so sick with the start of this pregenacy ,I was so sick with all 3 of them ,not fun but it won.t last too long I always kept saltiness on the nightstand and would eat them even before my feet hit the floor and ginger ale ,and that's crazy you have to wait so long to get into the Dr.s take care and make sure to try and rest