Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day Trip

We took a drive to a State Park in Kentucky.
It is a place that has numerous caves that you can explore (with a tour of course)  
Carver Caves State Park

I guess Gem Mining is pretty popular out here. 
I didn't really look to much into it though. 
I thought this was pretty cool. A waterfall inside of a small cave. 

We paid for only one cave tour...the most popular one. A couple of the other ones weren't not open due to time of year. 
So while we waited for the tour to start, we picked a spot and ate the lunch I packed and payed in the water. 
Cascade Cave 
The tour group was huge! 
I am not a fan of tours because I like to explore on my own and take my own time to see things, but being the only way you can see this cave we had to do it. 
I couldn't hear a thing that the guide was saying but it was still a really nice experience...even if we were walking in a line :(

Stalactites and Stalagmites 

50' cave waterfall 
Emma was in the Ergo the whole time so we were able to be hands free and comfortable. It was the best way to go for all of us. I also didn't bother with my good camera because of lighting, so crappy photos it is. 
Pretty cool place! 

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