Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Camping - Summersville Lake

We finally went on Emma's first camping trip! 
We were always a little unsure how things would go with camping...sleeping wise. 
Well lets just say, it was totally unexpectedly awesome (except for one thing). 
I just wish we would have done it sooner. 

Em was OBSESSED with the hammock

After we set up tent we took a bike ride to go to the "beach".
So after we came back to our tent, we started to make dinner. I could tell something wasn't right with Emma. She was becoming really whiny and clingy. 
She would not eat a thing and wouldn't stop crying. 
That's not really like her so I knew something was up. 
I ended up figuring out that she had a ear ache. 
She fell asleep in the hammock while Mike rand to the store for some Tylenol. 
She just cant win with these ear infections. 
After the medicine kicked in she felt so much better.

We were going to watch the sunset but we decided to hang around the camp site for the rest of the night. 

This made me a nervous wreck. Fire scares the hell out of me with kids but s'mores had to happen. 
I was shocked how easily Emma went to bed. She fell right to sleep which gave Mike and I some time to talk and enjoy the fire. 
We woke up early and walked to see the sun rise. 
After breakfast, we rented a kayak and paddled (Mike paddled) around the lake for a little. This is a HUGE lake so there was no way we could see it all. But what we did see was beautiful. They call Summersville "the Bahamas of the East". I am not sure about that, but it was still pretty.
Pirates Cove is a really popular spot to swim. It is also a huge spot for pictures on Instagram. I was so surprised that when we paddled one was there! 
The waterfall was flowing so it was perfect.

This lake is a really popular boating lake. It was nice not to have wake waves while in the kayak. My stomach doesn't sit well with motion. 

After kayaking, we went back to the camp, made lunch and packed up for the drive home. Emma was fast asleep the whole way. 
Overall we had such a great time. 
I am hoping we can camp once more before our new arrival comes.
And yes, Emma had to go to the doctor the day after. Another double ear infection in her book. 

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