Friday, August 5, 2016


Today was Charlies due date. 
He is still living comfortably....while I am not. 

I cant believe I made it to 40 weeks.  I thought for sure his birthday was going to be 2 weeks ago. I see my doctor on Monday again to be checked. We will probably scheduled a inducement if he hasn't come by then. Being induced is not really what I had in mind. I wanted him to come naturally because I have heard a few story's about people having a rougher labor and they blame it on being induced.  
I am just ready to meet this little man so he needs to come already! 

Emma of course wanted to have a sticker on her belly... I didn't even tell her to put her hands on her belly  haha


  1. Both of my boys were induced. The 1st was a difficult labor, but the second was as easy as I could ever imagine. So it just depends. Praying yours is an easy one either way and all four of you get a full nights rest soon. Aloha!

  2. He will be here soon! I remember the uncomfortable-ness but it can only be days left :)