Saturday, July 30, 2016

Baby #2 & Life

As promised, I have a scruffy photo update of my belly. It was 95+ degrees outside and we just came in from playing outside so don't judge me. 
39 weeks and 2 days 
I cant believe I made it this long. I thought for sure I would have had little guy already. 
I am to excited to have him and have my body back so I am getting antsy. 
The main thing that I really miss is playing with Emma. Not being able to get on the floor and roll around, constantly saying "watch out for mamas belly" or just sleeping comfortably. 
At my last doctors appointment I was 2 1/2 cm dilated and this Monday I will be checked again. 
It was almost better that I haven't had him yet. The friend that is going to be watching Emma was on vacation last week so that would have been a little stressful. I had a backup plan but my mind wouldn't have been at total peace. 
So, the plan is...I go into labor and we head to the hospital (I am once again Group B positive) Mike will drop me off and head back home with Emma. In till I am ready to push, he will be with her and then drop her off at my friends house. He will then pick her back up (hoping that it was only 3-4 hours) and then they will come drive to me or go home depending on what time it is. He will be with her the rest of the time that I am needing to stay in the hospital. 
So, yea, that's the plan.
Probably wont go like that at all but I can hope. 

Moving on to what Life has been up to. 
 Cami has been really keeping us busy! 
I truly forgot what it was like to have a puppy again. 
Bolo was 6ish when he started to calm down, and he was really sick for about 2 years before he passed when he was 11. With Cami being 2 years old, she has been really keeping us on our toes. She has a couple things that I have been trying to break her of. I need to keep in mind that she still has only been with us for 2 weeks so everything comes with time. 
She seems to be scared of men. Barking hysterically when we pass one on our walks. 
She doesn't seem to know the "walk on the leash" manners. She tends to walk in front of us which causes a lot of tripping over her. I have yet to see if she likes other dogs. When we pass by one she is barking and trying to get to them. I don't think she would bite them once she gets to them but it sure seems she wants to when we walk by. She tends to be very mouthy. Never biting but I don't like my arm constantly in her mouth when we are playing. She is a herding dog so that's how they work.  We have been putting her in her kennel every time we leave the house. The first time we left her I stood outside to listen to see if she was destroying the house...and she was. Scratching at the door and trying to get in front of the blinds to look out the window, so we kennel her for now. She has a very loud, high pitched bark when she plays. Like ear piercing. With the new baby this needs to stop! 
Other then all that she has been great!
She now knows sit and shake already. 
She is a very loving girl. Loves to be pet and cuddled with. 

 We spend a lot of time outside in our back yard. Emma loves her pool and sprinkler. Cami chews her bones and plays fetch. Its nice to have a fenced yard so I don't have to worry about anyone running away. I just wish it was a PRIVACY FENCE! 
I have been really annoyed lately and I feel bad about it but I am so tired of always feeling like I am being watched. 
Our neighbors are just so close to us. 
The older couple is very nice but always in our business! 
There is not one day that goes by that she does not open her window or come out to talk to me. 
I just want to sit outside with my kids and not have to dread a 30 minute conversation.
The woman has come out and actually told me that she enjoys watching us. 
I don't want to be watched!
That feeling is horrible. 
Now that we have Cami, it reminds her of her dog. 
Oh geeze! 
Now its even more coming outside to give her treats. 
And as of now we don't let Cami stay outside alone because the neighbors fence is too low and she can jump over it so its even more talking.
 I am hoping that I am just hormonal and this feeling will go away after I give birth. I feel bad that I dread her so much but I really don't want to talk to her multiple times a day. 


We have new renters that just signed a lease for our house in Ohio.
Our last disaster renters made me so nervous with anyone moving in now so we are keeping our hopes high that these people are normal. So, when the property management company told us that were would be 5 people living in the home it made me kind wary. It is a married couple, both her parents and her grandmother....and 3 small dogs :/
I think to myself that the carpet is already shot. It needs to be torn out anyways so the dogs cant do much more damage. 
They wanted to consolidate their living expenses and help grandma out so they decided to sign a 2 year lease at the house. 
I am just happy that there will be females in the house because maybe they will clean a little. 
Our fingers are crossed. 

 That's really about it for now. 
Hopefully there will be a baby update coming in the near future! 


  1. The pics of Emma and her dog are precious.

    I feel the same way you do about neighbors. I know there was a time that we didn't lock our doors and neighbors came over all the time. And that was ok for then. But in today's society, we all need a place and a space where we can just get outside, in nature and away from so much chatter. I'm sorry you are dealing with that. I hate that feeling, too.

    Can't wait to hear the baby news.

  2. You are adorable! I hope little man comes soon. :)