Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mommy Daughter Time

I saw that there was going to be a huge car show, a concert and fireworks that were going to be in our city and wanted to take the kids. 
I ended up taking just Emma and I am so glad it was just me and her. We needed some mommy daughter time. Plus, it was Charlies bedtime and it would have been hell getting him in the car seat. 
So, Emma and I headed downtown to check everything out. 

There were over 850 cars at this car show. A ton! When I saw the Cars movie cars I made Emma stand next to them. I knew she would love them.  Also, If you know my last name, you would know that we get the "Tow Mater" thing a lot. 

 I think this was probably the best band I had ever seen. They were playing oldies and were so amazingly good. Emma loved dancing and singing along. There were a ton of people here but I got lucky and caught a few pictures of just here with the band. 
 Fireworks were also really good. I am so glad Charlie stayed home with dad now that I am looking back on it. We would have had to stay away from the dance floor and the fireworks were super loud of course. Emma had such a great time and it probably would have been a little more difficult if it wasn't just her and me. 
 We had such a blast. I really enjoyed her company.

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