Sunday, October 23, 2016


My baby....My first born...My beautiful little girl started Pre-K. 
 I just felt like it was time to get her into a place where she is learning with other kids. She was craving play time with others and could only get so much with our gymnastics class and the few people I know here with kids. She goes twice a week in the morning which is perfect right now. It gives me a little time with Charlie and to get some things done. I usually take Cami on a long walk...its hard to do that with two kids. 
When I pick her up she is so happy. She tells me everything that they did that day. Right now they are learning about dinosaurs. They have a snack midway thru the day and hopefully she will come around with being potty trained. 
I am loving my decision to start her already and its only been two weeks. 

Its been a month since she has started school and everything is still going really well. She has peed on the potty twice there...still not interested in doing it at home though. She can pour water in a cup and drink it without spilling. She is doing really well with her colors and counting. This is a Montessori school so everything is done with play and she is just having so much fun. 

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