Sunday, October 23, 2016

West Virginia Living

Oh West Virginia...

I am not going to lie. I was not excited to move to you. From Hawaii to West Virginia :/  a land-lock state that you hear "stereotypical" rumors about. You are beautiful tho... (mountains)
We have lived here for a year and a half now. Another year and a half to go. We had a couple things happen that was a little disappointing since moving here. I'm not really blaming it on the state because it could happen anywhere but I am just jotting it down...just because.  

One of our quads were stolen.
Mike had put it on Craigslist because we were selling them. He had a buyer and was taking it to work the next morning to meet the guy. So we loaded it up in the back of his truck around 11:30pm. He was leaving for work around 5am, so he was going to be up around 4am. This was also when Bolo was still with us and Mike was sleeping downstairs with him. Feet away from our door, someone came and cut the ties, lifted the quad out and took it away. So let me just say how frustrating that is when you have a buyer for something and then boom...nothing. Insurance covered a tiny part just because it was in Mikes truck when it happened, but that's about it.

Mikes truck was paint balled.
He parks in front of our house. Along with everyone else that lives on our street. He noticed that it was hit with a paintball one morning. He checked the neighbors car too. They also had paintball on them so it wasn't just us. Stupid kids.

Everyone needs to retake the driving test.
There is not a day that goes by that I am not cut off by someone. No one uses there blinker. No one waves to say thank you. Its frustrating.

Livestock Trucks
I have never seen so many livestock being transported on the freeway. There was one day that I had gotten on the freeway and was driving along with two trucks caring hundreds and hundreds of baby pigs. I actually teared up. They were on top of each other in different layers of the truck. I still think about it to this day. That memory breaks my heart.

This actually happened just the other day. I was pumping gas, with my two babies and my dog in the back seat. A man comes out of the gas station, lights a black-n-mild and starts pumping his gas. I looked at him with the biggest "what the F are you doing". I stopped pumping, got in my car and left.

I am not one to judge anyone but when I have to look at a woman obviously 7-8 months pregnant smoking a cigarette, it breaks my heart. Iv seen it on numerous occasions.

It is everywhere here!

Back in time.
Today its a online world. Not in West Virginia though. Craigslist is empty. Yelp is empty. Websites are non-existent. We are going to be looking for a different home to rent soon and will have to drive around looking for "for rent" signs instead of looking on the computer. People just don't advertise the modern way.

We had to call the police one night because someone was trying to break into the church across the street. They were hitting the widows with part of the gutter that they had torn off. It was making a ton of noise so we looked outside and sure enough, some guy was banging on the doors. It was around 11:00pm so he definitely should not have been there. The cops took him away in cuffs. We live in a nice neighborhood but that doesn't matter, you still can get nut jobs. We also live a hour away from the country's...yes I said country's biggest overdose city. Bigger than Detroit, La, Chicago, NY...ect.
Heroin is a huge problem.

I walked to the dentist one afternoon (it would have taken me longer to drive there)  and saw a bike parked behind a gas station. I thought to myself 'wow, that person is brave to just leave that bike there'. The very next morning, I passed by the bike again, and as I am sitting at the light a man pulls up, throws the bike into his broken car window and speeds off. I watched it happen just like that. Then he somehow was behind me and proceeds to honk at me because I yielded at a yield sign.

There will probably be a part two to this post with another year and a half to go.


  1. I feel very similar about my new home. I know I could live in worse places but it's just not for me.

  2. Wow I can't believe someone stole the quad! That is just crazy to me, people are ridiculous.

  3. They probably feel entitled to things. We had a huge conversation at school about WV in fact how people don't want hand outs... true? false?