Sunday, November 6, 2016

Endless Wall

We hadn't been on a good hike in awhile so we drove into the New River Gorge area to Beauty Mountain. I couldn't really find a ton on it ,except for beautiful photos of the views, so we were going in blind. 
Well the reason why I couldn't find a ton on it was because it was about 100ft from the road. 

Because it was such a quick walk out there, we were on the hunt to find something else to do. 
We drove past a sign that said "Fern Creek".
 I remember seeing photos of a beautiful waterfall at this creek so we drove into the parking area and checked it out. 
Come to find out, it was the parking area to a really popular hike and climbing spot in New River. I have had it on my list of things to do since we moved here. 
So we loaded our babies up and headed out. 
I was a little nervous because of Cami though. She is leash aggressive and makes it really embarrassing when she come in contact with some people and other dogs. This being a really popular hike I knew things would go down. 

It was such a great hike with great views. We only came in contact with a couple of other dogs but thank goodness they were on leashes. I don't really get it though. We recently came in contact with two free roam dogs in our neighborhood and she was absolutely fine with them. I think its the fact that we are holding her back from smelling them that makes her crazy. She literally sounds like she wants to kill them so I am nervous to let her get close. I also have not one friend that has a dog to let me test her out so I am out of luck that way. I need to start volunteering at the kennel again so I can meet some other people with dogs. 

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