Thursday, November 10, 2016


I feel like I have so much to update on, but when it comes to writing I cant think of a thing. 
I'm going to do my best to try to remember these past few months. 

I guess I will start with the kids. Of course they have been doing wonderful...Thank goodness. Emma is loving going to school. She comes home saying things that I didn't teach her so I feel like it is good to have someone else educating as well. She was learning about dinosaurs last month so there was a lot of "roarrr" going on. They do projects every day so I love getting her art work when she comes home. They sing songs and read books that she will recite back to us out of the blue. Her new thing is "oink oink, ruff ruff, moo." It must be part of a song or something...I'm not really sure but its pretty cute when she all of sudden starts saying it. At snack time they are learning to pour water into a cup and drink without spilling. But what I am most of all so thankful for is that she now goes potty on the toilet. I knew it was going to happen as soon as she saw others doing it...and it really only took going to school twice to get it down. I am so happy that diapers are almost done.  She has been still doing really well with Charlie. She loves tickling him and touching his head. She lets me know when he is crying (like I cant hear it) and enjoys giving tons of kisses.

Charlie is also doing really well. He wakes up quite a bit during the night still. Sometimes its 3 times, sometimes its 6. Nursing babies just can never get enough. During the night I feel like I want to give up. I am just so tired, but when morning comes around I think to myself that it wasn't that bad and I can do it. 17 more months of restless nights (if I nurse as long as I did with Emma). Oh my that sounds so long. He has been doing tons of smiling lately.  He still loves to be held most of the day even during nap times so that's been difficult. I will be doing his 3 month update in a couple days so I will have lots more to write about him then.

Just a quick update on myself. I am in full swing of loosing all my hair. I remember with Emma it was terrible...and this time is just the same. I don't know how I still have any hair left. I cut it hoping just to get rid of some of the nastiness at the bottom but that still doesn't make up for the clumps that come out. My weight has been coming off extremely slow this go around. With Emma I feel like I was pretty close to my pre prego weight at the 3 month mark, this time I still feel like a ways to go. I heard that after the first baby, each one after that, weight loss gets seems to be true right now.

With the holidays coming up, we are looking forward to going home. Having a child that will somewhat get the concept of Christmas this year is also very exciting. I am ready to start making traditions that they will remember.

Oh Cami...
This girl is something else. I have probably said it a million times already but, boy does she have energy! I have to keep reminding myself that she is still a puppy and she will calm down sooner or later. We still have issues when she is on a leash with other dogs and some people. She is a hole digger so that's been trying also. A major squirrel chaser needs to be added to the list as well. There is actually a squirrel that sits and teases her which is really frustrating because I don't like to hear constant barking. Its usually happening when I am nursing or changing a diaper so I cant get to her right away. I have been getting better with the tongue licking. I have never had a dog that gave kisses so am not used to be CONSTANTLY licked. For the upcoming holidays, she is going to be boarded. I have never boarded any of my babies before so I am a little nervous about that. I just hope she doesn't think we are taking her back and never picking her up again. My nails will be all bitten off.

So, I guess this is it for now. Like I said I probably have a million of other things I could be updating on but I cant think tonight.

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  1. So much going on! I'm so glad you guys get to go home Christmas!!