Sunday, November 6, 2016


Mike had been out of town what feels like most of October. I'm not going to lie, being a single parent with no company at the end of the day to talk to after the kids go to bed is pretty tough.  Wine comes in handy but its tricky while I am still nursing. 
So, we needed a little time out of the house to enjoy the fall air and relax in the sun. I took the kids to one of our favorite places. 
Plum Orchard Lake. 
It is mostly deserted here every time I come so I love it. 
I look for places like this because I like to bring Cami along and she is leash aggressive. 
It is really embarrassing. 
That's a whole other story so I wont get into that now. 
When I went to the lake last year at this time the colors were BEAUTIFUL! 
This year wasn't as stunning but still very nice. 
 Its been a little warmer this fall, so the colors haven't popped yet.
 Still very pretty though 

 This vine is a huge problem. 
Its from Japan and grows up to 7 feet a DAY. It takes over anything in its path.

 I named this rock 'Pony Rock'
There is a horse head carved into it. 

The kids and I had such a beautiful day. 
I don't want to add that both Emma and Cami got sick in the car from the curvy roads. I stopped mid way to let everyone take a break hoping that it would help not get sick, but it didn't work. 

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