Thursday, June 23, 2016

Silly Baby

Emma got a couple presents in the mail from her aunt. One in particular being her absolute favorite. 
Her new princess shoes and crown.
The shoes being way to big just makes her look even cuter in them. She takes little steps around the house (like Peg Bundy from Married with Children) in them and only wants to walk on the hardwood or tile just to hear the clicking noise. Not to mention that she slept with them the first two nights she had them. 

There is new thing Emma loves every single day. On this particular day she was loving her bike helmet. It was worn pretty much the whole day. 

Two Words..... Static Electricity 

There is no hiding how much this little girl loves noodles. I have tons of pictures of noodle beards on her. 

We recently went to West Virginia's rib fest. Emma loved the petting zoo and we spent most of our time there. A man came past and took a couple pictures of Emma but she wasn't really feeling him. She was pretty shy and really didn't want anything to do with him. He came and asked her name for the newspaper and went on to take pictures of more kids that were being more photogenic. I didn't think anything of it because I was sure he would have used another kids photo that was liking the camera more. My neighbor called me a couple days later and let me know Emma was in the paper. Come to find out, she did make the paper...her tongue and all. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend for Fathers Day. My birthday happens to have landed on the day this year so it was double special. 
Every Friday night in my town, there is a free concert that the city puts on. We haven't had a chance to go to it this summer...because of the Cavs games that seemed to always be landing on Fridays but this last Friday, it was game free. 
Its a really nice stage on the water. 

On Saturday, the plan was to hit a few things that were going on around town. Come to find out, I got the times wrong and we only made it to one thing.
The Human Society puts on a outing every year called Woodstock and Wieners. 
It is a dachshund dog racing fun festival. 
We saw the end of the wiener races...but I got no pictures. 
We walked around for a little but didn't really stay to watch any of the other activities that were happening. It was HOT and all Em wanted to do was play on the playground. 
She made two new friends though. 
I love that peoples pets are able to come to things like this. 
Bronze Newfoundlands. 

Sunday, the plan was to pack up the bikes and do a trail ride to the New River Gorge Bridge. 
We stopped and ate lunch first at the Secret Sandwich Society. 
Don't expect to get a table right away.  There is always a 30min wait no matter what time. 
All the sandwiches are named after presidents. 
It was all very good. I was more excited about the chips. The homemade chips are to die for! 

After lunch we headed to the trail. 
Its a 3 mile hike (bike) to the spot. 
 Emma was not a huge fan of the bumps. She wanted to get out and walk so after a little we parked our bikes and walked the rest. Next time, Mike needs to go around the bumpy spots instead of over them and I think she will be a lot happier. 
 We have seen the view or this bridge on quite a few occasions, and this view was just as wonderful.
It is the third largest arch bridge in the world. 
Beautiful day to be on a mountain. 

Fathers Day weekend was really nice this year. 
It was an extra special day when the Cavs won the finals. Mike could not have asked for a better ending....days later I am still hearing about the game. 

1st Haircut

The first haircut!
Emma was so excited about it when I had mentioned it to Mike.
It went really well.
She was her crazy normal self while it was happening and was ready to get up after 2 minutes.
I just trimmed around the back and the sides.
It doesn't look much different, just cleaned up.
The one thing that I really wanted to her to get from Mike was his hair. He has such nice thick Italian hair and I have weak brittle thin hair. Even though I think Emma's hair is 100% more beautiful then mine...I think she has more of my thin fly away hair. 
I'm sorry baby. :( 

Hawks Nest Alone

Iv been to this State Park once before with Mike so I felt comfortable going by myself with Emma. Of course it wouldn't be a complete trip on West Virginia's curvy roads without car sickness. Thank goodness I brought Emma a change of clothes. 

This outing is the place where I had come to the conclusion that I am going to volunteer at the local  Human Society.  
I miss my puppy so much and still cant seem to get myself together about it, but if I could give another puppy a chance to get out of a cage and adventure, I am going to do it.  
I contacted the shelter and asked if they ever allow dogs out of the facility on a daily basis. They told me all I would have to do is take a volunteer class, then do a walk through at the shelter and then I am good to go. 
I had my class last week, so all I have to do is the walk through. 
I am so excited to be able to give a little excitement to a four legged friend. 
I don't think we are ready to adopt and other dog yet. 
My heart is just not ready... and Mikes career might be taking us to another "difficult" place to ship a dog so it would be best not to get one yet. I say that now...because I haven't been to the shelter yet.  
I have thought about fostering also. I just think that it would be even harder to bond with...then give up. 
Once again...we will see how that goes. 

On to the hike.
The last time Mike and I were here, we came at the hike from a different way. Once we got to this waterfall we turned around and never saw the end. It was nice to come at it from the different way that I didn't get to see. 

It had been raining for a couple days so the flow was spot on. 

On the road towards this state park, there is a beautiful waterfall on the side of the road. Every time I drive this direction I have to make a quick stop. 
Cathedral Falls 
I love it went I come here and we are all alone. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day Trip

We took a drive to a State Park in Kentucky.
It is a place that has numerous caves that you can explore (with a tour of course)  
Carver Caves State Park

I guess Gem Mining is pretty popular out here. 
I didn't really look to much into it though. 
I thought this was pretty cool. A waterfall inside of a small cave. 

We paid for only one cave tour...the most popular one. A couple of the other ones weren't not open due to time of year. 
So while we waited for the tour to start, we picked a spot and ate the lunch I packed and payed in the water. 
Cascade Cave 
The tour group was huge! 
I am not a fan of tours because I like to explore on my own and take my own time to see things, but being the only way you can see this cave we had to do it. 
I couldn't hear a thing that the guide was saying but it was still a really nice experience...even if we were walking in a line :(

Stalactites and Stalagmites 

50' cave waterfall 
Emma was in the Ergo the whole time so we were able to be hands free and comfortable. It was the best way to go for all of us. I also didn't bother with my good camera because of lighting, so crappy photos it is. 
Pretty cool place! 

Lake Life

We went to one of my favorite lakes with a friend and her family. 
We brought stuff to grill and just let the kids hang out and play. Fishing also was happening but nothing was being caught. 
Getting messy is one of the best learning activities. 

It was such a nice day. My friend and myself finally met each others spouses and we had a fun day relaxing on the water. 

Baby bump #2

As promised...a scrubby looking pregnant me with a disorganized "office" room that I have given up on decorating. 

I am now 32 weeks. 
Still feeling huge and ready for it to be over. 
Baby boy is still right on track. 
My last Dr. appointment, she told me he is head down and everything is looking good. 
That is about it.  

Fish Anyone?

(These photos were taken a couple months ago) 
These fish are nuts! I had been to this place once before but decided to come back and take a look again. First off, these carp are HUGE! I 30''! People come here to feed them so they stay around all year.
We brought three loaves of bread with us and we still felt like that wasn't enough. We could have stayed here and fed them all day. 
It had been awhile since I had seen a seagull. Hawaii doesn't have them and I know live in a land locked state :/ 

Its a pretty crazy sight to see.