Friday, July 13, 2012

Car Delemma

    Being someone that actually likes cars, I'm having a hard time choosing my next one. We finally got the money from the insurance company today and now we are in a rush to pick one, and buy it. We were given a lot more then what I thought we were going to get for it (which is great!) but I would be so stupid to use all of it. Living in Hawaii for the past 5 months with only one paycheck has been a little tricky, (and also the 4 months before that....not to mention Mikes "toy" buying purchases) on our bank account.
     Lets just say "Fast and Furious" has always been my type of car. Instead of buying the reliable, sensible, safe automobile I would always look at the Turbo, V8, Super Sport. Well...this time I'm needing to be realistic. No more 2 door coupes that get me in trouble with my heavy foot. Having room for a family is more important then winning the race between the person next to me at the stop light that isn't even trying to race.
   We probably are only going to have this car for the 3 years that we are here. I am pretty much only going to be driving it on base back and forth to work... and the 25mph base speed limit is not that much fun. There are a good amount of cars to choose from on Craigslist, its just hard to choose one that has over 100,000 miles on it (in my price range they all seem to do). I have actually never driven a car that someone else has owned so I am thinking that once they sign the title over, it will need to be taking to the shop for repairs. Ever sense I was 17, I have owned 2 cars and have had a car payment with both. (give or take some of my dad paying for some payments on my first car...Thanks dad) We are now choosing to spend our money elsewhere  rather then paying monthly to the bank.
    So as of right now, we are heading to look at a option after Mike gets off work. Its nothing special, just 4 tires and a motor but I'm excited to have a new ride. Hopefully this is the one so we can stop thinking about how we are going to get each other to work/pick each other up.


  1. Hope you find a new car soon, glad to hear you finally got the money in from the insurance company.

  2. We bought ours off the lemon lot on Hickam... it's definitely a "gets you from point A to point B car" and since we're keeping his it will probably go back on the lemon lot before we PCS, haha!