Sunday, July 15, 2012


   This last weekend in Waikiki was spent mostly at home or running errands. Because we probably wont be back here for a good month or 2 (we need to detox from the busyness a little) we stuck around and did a few things we haven't had a chance to do yet.
    Saturday we had dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse with one of Mikes buddy's.  Yummy! Expensive night with our 4 course meal plus drinks but well worth it.  The waiter brought out flaming strawberry's for our last plate. Not quite sure why my camera didn't want to capture the flames?

 Sunday Morning we headed out early pick up some things on base. Getting to my car (the only one in the parking lot) swarmed with pigeons that don't ever get out of your way. The birds here are crazy!  Luckily no poo...

      A little bit ago, we found a couch that we really liked at the base furniture store. We looked around at a few other places but never found one that compared. We stopped by the store today and finally bought it. Lets just hope Bolo treats it well. Its hard to teach a 7 year old puppy to stay off the couch when all along it was OK.

After base we went to the Ala Mona Mall. This mall has everything you could ever want in it. We got some really cute things that we didn't need.

  After, we headed to the beach for a little boogie boarding. It was rainy, but that just made the waves higher and more fun to ride.

   There are still just a couple of things that we need to do before we leave. Hopefully Mike will be a willing participant in the things I have in mind.   

 Tomorrow I have A LOT of running around to do and also a TON of phone calls to make a few things clear.


  1. Busy weekend for yall. I love Ruth Chris, I haven't found one on the mainland that compares to the service and experience as in Hawaii.

  2. We haven't been to Ruth's Chris yet... Need to find a babysitter on island first!

    1. You definitely should make it a date night! Be prepared to spend some big bucks though!

  3. Those strawberries looks amazing!! :)