Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Updates

    Uggg... I'm just so frustrated with my car situation! Saturday, it will be 4 weeks sense the accident and I still don't have the money from the insurance company. They payed for 1 week of my rent-a-car and that was it. It is not my fault that they are taking FFFOOORRRREEEVVVEEERRR to get my payment out to me. We are constantly calling the company to see how the progress is going. They have my paperwork but they still don't have it all put together I guess. I'm really just getting tired of driving with my husband to work at 5:00am (45 min away), drop him off, drive home in rush hour traffic and then him have to wait for me till I get off at 7:00pm. I know we have been spoiled having the ability to have two cars, but coming from 2 to 1 makes me realize how different our schedules are. Mike is also going to be at the range all next week so that means driving to the other side of the island which I am dreading. Last I heard, we should have our money by Friday, but they also said that last week too though so I don't believe anything till I see the number in the bank.
   10 more days till our big move!!! I am so overly excited to finally get out of this place! I scheduled our movers to come 3 days after we move in (because of the weekend) so we wont have anything in the house till then. We payed for this hotel till the end of the month (just in case something went wrong with the house) so if we need to stay here, so be it. I said that to Mike and he laughed at me. He said he would rather camp out in the house with nothing in it then stay in this place any longer (I agree) so I guess that's what we will be doing. We do still have to buy a couch, so maybe we will at least have a place to sit for those few days. I'm not going to miss eating with plastic plates and silverware, that's for sure! Waikiki has been so much fun, but we are now sick of never being able to find a place to park or walking through all the crowds of slow walking tourists. It was really fun in the beginning, maybe for about a month, but we are over it. What I think I will miss is the hot summer days here. On the Windward side it always seems to be raining and cloudy. Its OK though... Ill take having my stuff back and a yard for my dogs to run around rather then getting a nice tan. These 10 days are probably going to feel like the longest EVER!
   Work has been going well. The girls are really nice and helpful teaching me how this salon runs. Tonight with be my first night "closing" the salon by myself. There was a girl that worked the later hours with me but her last day was Saturday. So hopefully I will remember what she showed me. We will just see how it goes.
     Mike has had a amazing opportunity for that past month and a half. It is now coming to a end and I am hoping that this experience has made a impact on his career. I am so proud of him.
   Other then all of this, not much else has been happening.


  1. I do hope you get the $ for the car soon! We've had to share a car with us working different schedules before and I know it is a pain!

  2. I hope the car insurance money comes through soon for you. That stinks its taking so long. Yay for your move almost here!!!!!