Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear New House,
I love you already! You are perfect in every way and I am so excited to spend all of our money decorating you.
Dear Sunday,
Hurry up and get here already. I'm sick of looking at boxes and want to do something fun.
Dear Mike,
Even though preseason started last week, we will not be spending every Sunday from now on till January in front of the TV watching football. I'm sorry but its not happening. I look forward to the one day that we actually have a chance to spend all day together and doing something fun. I will give you a few days here and there but you are mistaken if you think its going to be a "all the time" thing.
Dear Hair,
You need a change. Get ready for it!
Dear Puppy's,
I'm glad you were both healthy at your checkup.(except for Sheba's known problems) There was talk of neutering you, Bolo, so don't be to mad if it is coming up in your future.
Dear Family,
I miss you guys!
Dear Oahu Locals,
I am sorry that I moved here and took over your space...but there is no reason to be mean and hostile. We were just following orders from the government that keeps you free.


  1. I am ready for a haircut change too.. the questions is.. am i brave enough? HA! I can't wait to read more letters from you ;)

  2. Go nuts on the decorating! A bunch of fresh flowers spread out in little vases in the bathroom and your bedroom will make it feel like home :)

  3. so excited for you and decorating your new house!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!

  4. I love new house decorating, enjoy :)