Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

  Mike and I headed to the Marina today for little kayak trip. Coconut Island was our destination. (It was used as the opening intro to the show Gilligan's Island.) It is a private island that is used for Marine Biology research so we weren't allowed to explore it but the beach was sure nice.
The island from a distance.
Moku O Lo'e is the real name of the island but I cant pronounce it so I call it it's nickname instead.

 Heading back to base.


  1. Fun!! Go check out my blog today I gave you something! :)

  2. Did you guys hit the sandbar? I'm trying to rent one of the boats next time we are out there!

    1. We haven't been to the sand bar yet but we definitely want to!!! Hopefully my hubby will get his boating license soon so we can get out there! I hear its lots of fun! :)