Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Back!

 What a crazy couple of weeks!
The move went well. It was a long process moving all of our insignificant crap from the hotel to the new place. Only 4 trips back and forth with a car filled to the top is all that it took. We made it though and we are sooo happy! The storage truck came on the Monday after we moved in. It is so nice to see all the stuff that I had forgot about...and to have my wardrobe back! (even tho more then half the stuff that I own I am not allowed to wear to work) It was such a long process of going through all the boxes. We were a little disappointing that Mikes tools are missing. He had bought a bunch of them when he bought our home in Ohio. I'm thinking the movers that had first moved us from the house in Ohio to a storage unit must have taken them. I'm just now wishing I would not have given them such a big tip, let alone given them our old couch and chair (that was still in OK condition). Makes me kinda mad! Mike just went out and bought all new ones yesterday so his collection has started over.  
The pups are loving the new place too. So much more room to walk around and play. The back yard isn't as big as they would like but we still go on our long walks. Its just nice to finally give them a place to lay in the sun. The beach is a block away also so we also take advantage of that.

I have a feeling that the beach is going to be a regular outing. He loves the water! The first time we go to the beach after awhile of not, he always has to learn his lesson over again. He gets so excited about chasing the shells and seaweed that he drinks some of the water. He belly always seems to hurt for a few hours after.

This day was Sheba's first Pacific Ocean Beach day. She of course hated every moment of it but she needed to experience it too.

My plan is to take Bolo swimming soon. We have been such bad parents and haven't taken him yet. This beach has a specific time that they allow dogs so we will just have to go around that. He is still not sure about the whole "water thing" but I'm sure if I was out there with him he would catch on quick and love it.

Our fist grocery shopping trip. It was a big one! Of course I make pasta and meatballs that night....and got to use a oven! (its been awhile)

We haven't really been doing too much of the "Hawaii" thing. I am definitely itching to get out and see some new stuff. The only outing we really have had was to go see the new Batman. (and to grab a few drinks at some pubs in town) Good always! I now know what Mike and my Halloween costume will be this year!

We had Direct TV installed for the Sunday Ticket. Living in Hawaii it was a must to be able to get the football games (even tho they will be on at like 7 am) Well a few days ago, our TV was acting up. Come to find out out new neighbor (the one's that we knocked on their door at 8:00 pm to tell them that their dome light is on in there car so their battery would not be dead in the morning...yeah..them) Anyways.... ripped out our cable that was connecting us to their dish (I guess because 1 dish would be enough to power the whole neighborhood, the guy from Direct TV used my neighbors dish to hook into for our TV). He though we were stealing his cable... that's what he said. So now..... we have to either file a police report or have Direct TV come out again for another $50. ummm...what happened to being nice neighbors? I wish he would have come over and asked us about it before taking the liberty to yank out the the cord that was burred under the ground so that the lawnmowers wouldn't run it over. So now every time their kids soccer ball hits our house loudly and hard I want to go out there and scream at them. So long for being friends with the neighbors I guess.
I don't know why.... but these birds out here are always finding me and needing my help. Mike found this one that was underneath our grill. He was so skinny and could hardly pick his head up. His parents hated me (and they definitely let me know it) but I made him plump and healthy. I had him for about 5 days. Last Saturday he decided it was time to hit the road.

Well, I'm still busy decorating my home. Stay tuned for the tour.....


  1. Wow you've def. been a busy been. Glad to hear you have settled into your new home well. Can't wait to see pictures. And PS: Your neighbors would have ticked me off if they did that to our cable line, how rude. I hope you gave them a piece of your mind. Did you guys explain to them about the cable guy and what he did?? What did they say?

    1. Yes, I'm so glad we are finally home! The neighbor came over and knocked on our door AFTER he pulled out the cable. Mike explained to him the situation and the guy said he was sorry.I just wish he would have knocked on the door first before he took it upon himself to make us have to pay another 50 bucks.