Monday, October 7, 2013

Aiea Loop Trail

We headed into Aiea to do a trail off of the Loop Trail called Kalauao.
Its a small 30ft waterfall.
Before we left, I did a little research and found that the best time to see this waterfall is in the winter after a rain fall...hoping that it had rained recently, we were off.
 Rainbow Trees
 This steep part is where you turn off the Aiea Trail and head to the waterfall.
We got all the way down and decided that we would be hiking to a stream that had no water flow. It was pretty dry that day. We made our way back up and continued walking the Aiea Loop.
 Great views of the H3
 This freeway is one of the most expensive EVER built in America. It totaled $1.3 billion once it was finished...estimated $80 million per mile.
 I was kind of surprised how long this hike really was. 5 miles with only a couple nice views. Your in the jungle for most of it, so it gets kind of repetitive. Still a nice hike for the family...and puppy's!

 Keaiwa Heiau is located in the same park as the trail.
This sacred area was used to grow plants for medicines. 
It is known for its healing energy.


  1. Nice! We just found out recently that we are most likely getting transferred to Hawaii in the Spring. I might need to hit you up for some tips ;)

  2. Wow, that picture of the freeway is absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing view that must have been :)