Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holloween Preparation

We took a drive to the Waimanalo Pumpkin Farm the other day to start the preparation of my favorite time of the year.
It doesn't look that crowded in these pictures, but don't let that fool you. 
This place was packed!  
With only two pumpkin farms on this island, if you didn't want to buy them from a grocery store then this was one out of the two spots to go. 
 They are making bank! 

This happened to me last year too.
I guess I just have a little A.D.D in me. I can never just sit and finish all of the cupcakes.
We are the lone house on the street so far with decorations.
We haven't carved our pumpkins yet just because of the weather here. The pumpkins shrivel down to a mess because it is so hot here, so we are going to wait till it gets closer to the day.
Also, I have been slaking on Mike and my costumes. Bolo is ready but I am having trouble getting our stuff together because I'm not sure if we are going to make it out to celebrate this year. The actual Hollow night Mike has work in the morning, and Saturday is our ball, so Friday night is the only day that we are counting on...and with Mike getting home so late/ tired from work I'm just not sure its going to happen this year.


  1. We kind of have the same issues with carving pumpkins. We will carve this weekend. I love that they have pumpkin farms in Hawaii. I wouldn't have guessed that! Do they do corn mazes/hay bales and tractor rides too?