Monday, October 28, 2013

U.S.S Missouri

We crossed the bridge onto Ford Island this passed weekend. Ford Island was the Heart of the Japanese attacks that started  WWII.
The U.S.S Missouri (Mighty Mo) wasn't necessarily docked during the bombing, but it was used in the war and 2 other ones after that (Koren War and Desert Storm). It also was anchored in the Tokyo Bay when Japan surrendered. The documents were actually signed by the General upon the U.S.S Missouri. 
 Captains Chair
 Sleeping Quarters
 Dentist Chair
Amazing view from the top of the ship
 If you look to the left of the picture...where the black tarp is covering the construction, you can see the U.S.S Arizona Memorial sticking out on either side.
 40,820 Tons!
pretty big ship!

 Awesome tour of history.

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