Monday, December 2, 2013


The holiday weekend started with a stroll through Koko Crater Botanical Gardens.
On this side of the island, it is extremely dry and very hot. Perfect for all the plants that live here.

The Pulmeria trees were lining the walkway, but because there not in season there were only a few bloomed.
Of course when I was there, the sprinklers were on. So that meant dodging them while trying to take a descent picture.
Hawaii is not really the place where I think there will be cacti.
Nice 2 mile walk through the gardens.
 Bolo and I went to our favorite spot.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends. I made my favorite pumpkin rolls and a new recipe that turned out amazing.
Snickers Brownies 
After we ate and napped, then Black Friday craziness started.
We went a little overboard this year.
I had quite a few things that I wanted to get but had no idea if they were going to be on sale or not (stuff for our lil one), and...of course they weren't. We ended up getting (pretty much) everything we didn't need sooo the shopping is still not over.
Our most expensive purchase was a "grown up" bedroom set. We finally have stuff that matches each other and isn't hammy downs.

I now feel like my bedroom is complete....except for more wall/ lamps/decoration!
I swear its never done.
 We thought this rustic look would hold up better moving around. If there is a ding here or there it wont really be seen.
 Mikes last birthday in his 20's.
Next year he turns into a old man.


  1. I love your bedroom! It's beautifully decorated.

  2. I love that bedroom set!! Did you buy it in Hawaii?