Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby Talk

I never thought I was actually ever going to be a mom. 
Well, the thought was there and I of course always "said" I wanted kids but I really didn't see it in my future. Its never a good time....nor did I ever want to give up my life to raise a till now!
Emma has changed everything. 

Iv only had one baby (obviously), so I'm comparing her to nothing, but in my mind she has been pretty easy... so far.
 Just a couple of things that we have been struggling with/working on.
 She is not a huge fan of her diaper being changed. I think she is a little uncomfortable laying flat on her back so we try to do this deed as quickly as possible. 
Also, she is great during feeding time. I fed her from a bottle for the first time yesterday and she had no problems at all. As long as she is getting food it doesn't matter what it comes out of. She does tend to spit up quite a bit. The doctor says that baby's that have the hiccups often spit up more then normal....and boy does she get the hiccups! Its been a little frustrating for myself because breastfeeding is still a little uncomfortable (hurts like hell), so when she looses her lunch after the pain I have endured, makes it kinda disappointing...I'm not giving up though!
We don't have a great sleeping routine yet and I'm not really sure how to change that (is it even changeable?). She is definitely a night owl. She wakes up during the night to eat about every 2-3 hours, but when it takes 45min-1hour just to get her back to sleep its been a little tiring.

We have just been hanging at the house for the most part sense she was born.
This weekend is suppose to be beautiful so my plan is to take her to on her first (low key) hike. The Ergo carrier that I have seems a little hot. With the infant insert plus the actual Ergo itself, I'm not sure if that's the best carrier for Hawaii weather.  We wont be staying to long if we are going to have a sweaty baby. I'm looking into other (cooler) fabrics for alternatives but haven't nailed one down yet.

 And because Bolo is still my baby too...


  1. These pictures are the best!!! :)

  2. The mesh baby bjorn works great for us for this weather. I miss you!! But so happy for you!! My hair looks like crapola! Haha Tried to go back in town and tried to go back blond after those chunky low lights... bad ideas all around! If you decide to work from home...Call me! xoxo -Erin Phelps- P.S. Check out the book "Moms On Call"