Thursday, March 6, 2014


My daughter is a week old today. 
I cant believe it!
 Emma has been the sweetest thing ever.
I cant believe she is all mine. 
 We have been trying our best to get in the swing of things. Everything just takes a whole lot longer so she forces me to slow down and chill out. Just getting ready to take Bolo for a walk means making sure she has a clean diaper (she hates changing time so she is upset after), fed (which takes approximately 30 min or sometimes longer), putting her in the stroller or Ergo (praying that she is still happy enough to get out of the door), and the we are off. The whole routine takes a good hour just to take a walk. 
On the topic of Bolo, hes adjusting somewhat. He still seems to get upset when she is crying. Him still being unsure makes me not quite trust him yet, so its a work in progress.  He does make it a point to sit with me in the middle of the night when I am feeding her which I love.

 Mike was able to take leave for 10 days and it has been so nice. He has been really helping out and stepping up to be a great daddy. 
 I'm also feeling really good. I cant wait till Emma gets a little bit older so we can get back out in the Hawaiian sun. 
I have a ton of updates I need write. Hopefully I can get to them soon before the months start flying by. 


  1. So Beautiful! Cant wait to meet her!!!!! <3

  2. Things will get easier she looks beautiful so happy for you guys

  3. What a beautiful baby!

  4. She is absolutely beautifuL!!!!! Congratulations again girl and don't worry you'll get into a routine and the swing of things before you know it!!!

  5. Emma is just precious!!! :)