Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My life has been all about baby lately, so I come with a couple more pictures of her. 
But soon, I plan on getting back out into my Hawaiian adventures...carrying an extra two feet.
(A friend came over and took these adorable pictures of lil Emma. Only 4 days old, she still has the pokes from blood drawn on her little heel)
Baby girl had her first beach experience today.
Its kinda of a long walk to get to the beach where we can take Bolo with us too, so I didn't want to wake her by putting her feet in the hot sand and the cold water. We will just save that for another day.

We are still getting Bolo used to being a big brother. Hes doing really well though.
Photoshoot in the future.

In other news...We have been waiting and waiting to hear the future of Mikes career.
This morning we have gotten word.
Mike has been selected for career designation.
With the Marine Corps downsizing its been a little scary not knowing if he would be staying in or not.  
I'm so proud of him.
At least 8 more years.
I cant wait to find out where we will move next!


  1. The picture of her with the flower in her ear is absolutely precious! Yay for 8 more years!

  2. Congratulations! And baby feet are adorable!

  3. Seems as though the military life is always keeping us waiting and wondering whats around the corner. Can't wait to hear were yall go next. How much longer again do you have in HI??

  4. Her first beach day! so cute. There will be plenty of days to enjoy the sand and water :) So happy to hear your husband will continue with the Marine Corps. It's too bad we are all at the mercy of the Corps now.

  5. Congrats on being career designated to your husband! I love the photos of your precious girl!!!!!

  6. Love all the baby pictures she so precious