Monday, August 4, 2014

Ko olina Lagoon

We were headed out to the west side to look at a vehicle for Mike. He had recently sold Betty and wanted to "just look" another set of wheels. 
I talked him into making a stop at the beach after he took a look .
Ko olina is a the a very touristy place on the west side of the island due to the Disney resort.  Its suppose to be a really nice hotel, obviously catering to kids. On the grounds there are 4 man made lagoons. Pretty much a big pool of saltwater and pee. 
I had yet to go to any of these lagoons and just wanted to check it out because I have heard a few good things. 

Thats the first thing I have to say about it.
Like I said there are 4 lagoons...and each lagoon has their own parking lot with only about 10 spots.
if you notice there are no towels and very few people laying out on the beach, but tons of kids in the water. That's because they don't allow umbrellas. Everyone is post up on the grass under palm trees ...and there are not very many palm trees to choose from. The west side of the island is no joke! Its the hottest place on the island. 
Why no umbrellas???

Other then that its a OK spot. I don't see us coming back here though. Not really my cup of tea.
I was able to glance in the water and see if there was anything good in there.
 There wasn't to many cool looking fish but there was a huge school of these guys that I swam into.
Bunch of these fishys too
I could see this place if you have kids that love the water and want to splash around without the worry of waves.


  1. That's weird that they don't allow umbrellas!

  2. I'm glad you posted this. I've heard so many things about this area. People talk about it like it's the best place on the island. Not my cup of tea, either.

  3. We hung out here a time or two, mainly with our friends that had little ones so they had a "safe" place to swim and play. But our place we always loved going to was a little cozy beach on the North Shore!!