Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kualoa Ranch take 2

A friend and I went to the Kualoa Ranch to tour the sites of the movies that have been filmed there.
Mike and had went to the ranch once before and did the ATV tour, but we weren't really able to take pictures (and you all no how much I love pictures) and we only stopped at 2 movie sites. 
This time was a lot different. 
I took a TON of pictures!
While you are waiting for your tour to begin there is a petting zoo to keep you busy.
What was really nice was that there was only 5 (6 including emma) of us on this huge bus so we didn't have to wait to long at each stop.
My little lady did a great job with everything going on.
(picture curtsey of a friend)
Godzilla (footprint), You, Me and Dupree, 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young (props)
 Famous tree stump
The mountain in the back is the tallest peak on the ranch.
Cant get enough of LOST
submarine, steam pump, Hurley's golf course and the VW Bus scene, light switch in the bunker
The bunker that the military used during the attack on Pearl Harbor
I wish I was able to explore
 It was a really nice tour. I'm glad I went back to see all the stuff we missed the first time.
Movies and TV Show filmed on the Ranch:
Jurassic Park.  Windtalkers.  Godzilla.  50 First Dates.  You, Me and Dupree.  Pearl Harbor.  Hawaii Five-0.  LOST.  Tears of the Sun.  Magnum P.I.  Battleship.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  Just Go With It. Karate Kid.  Journey of a Mysterious Island.  Off the Map.  Mighty Joe Young.

Maybe more?


  1. What a cool place I am a sucker for stuff like this.

  2. I wanted to visit this place during the three months I was on Oahu, but we never got the chance. I'm glad I at least got to see what it was all about through your pictures!

  3. It really is a neat place to go and check out, so much to see. And the views are pretty amazing as well. The picture of your and Emma is absolutely adorable!!!!!