Friday, August 29, 2014

who doesnt love a sunset?!?!

 Being at Spitting Caves feels like your on the edge of the world.
Its such a peaceful place with a perfect view to the end of the day show.
 Can I please be friends with someone that lives here!!!
 Its pretty much a no brainier how this place got its name.

 And then there are the abslute crazy people that like to jump! 
 And sadly there are more then a dozen people that have lost their lives here after the jump.
 Diamond Head in the distance makes the sunset that much more beautiful.

 Another memorable sunset that makes me feel so luck to call this place home...for now.


  1. Gorgeous! Are you and your husband from the same hometown?

  2. Very pretty views. The sunset is amazing. However, jumping into that water does not look safe. I don't understand some people who think they are exempt :(

  3. Amazing views! How much longer do you guys have there?