Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Overload - 6 months

 Mike, Emma and I went to the park this past weekend to have a picnic.
I'm not sure a day can get more perfect then grilled chicken, mac salad and fresh fruit overlooking beautiful scenery with your family. (well except if Bolo was allowed to come...Hawaii has a no pet policy at parks. Don't ask me why, I donno)

(Emma wearing the hat)
I thought this onsie was just way to cute to pass up...even if it cost a arm and a leg.

The time when we hiked to the top
Hanging with daddy-o

Once again, I was trying to get her to wear the hat.
Its hard with a moving baby!

I cant think of a better place to take a nap.

The end to a perfect day.


  1. That onesie is perfect! She looks so cute in it. :)

  2. Oh my goodness - that onesie is just perfect!

  3. Her outfit is so so cute!!! I'll take a nap on the beach any day I can :) Smart kiddo!!!!