Friday, November 7, 2014

If it lasted forever, it wouldnt be special

 I have been seeing a lot of sunrises and sunsets lately.

Sunrise over Ft. Hase Beach
She woke up way too early on this day so I scooped her up and headed to see her first sunrise.
Another sunrise at Ft. Hase
Enjoying the show
Sunset in Honolulu
Sunset on top of Mt. Tantalus


  1. Oh, man. Your post title really got to me! We leave island for good in about a month or so and I'm definitely starting to get a big case of the sads over it.

    Emma is so precious! She looks like she's such a happy little baby :)

  2. What a beautiful way to start the day with your daughter! Those sunsets are gorgeous. I need to move to Hawaii!