Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am lucky enough to have a friend...that has a friend that works for...actually I don't really no. But what I do no is that he has a KEY that opens a gate to the road that takes you to the TALLEST PEAK ON OAHU!
4,025 feet
 From what I have read, Mt. Ka ala is a 8 mile hike one way. I had chalked it up to never being done because that is a loong way...with a baby. 

 The road is paved the whole way with tons of twists and tuns....and cows...and peacocks
After about a 20 min drive to the top we were amongst the clouds.
Off to explore
 There are things that can be found here that you can only find on Mt. Kaala
 dew cover spider webs are all over

 I had to turn back after awhile because Emma wasn't to happy. 
She was hungry.
But when I got back to the car the clouds disappeared.
 Leeward View
North Shore View

 I feel so luck to have been able to see these amazing views of this beautiful island.
Emma has now been to the top of the largest peak on the Big Island (in my belly) and Oahu.