Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset ontop of KT

Watching the sunset on Oahu is a long outing when you live on the east side of the island. The Koolau mountain range blocks the sun as is sets. In order to see it you have to leave a hour early to drive towards the busy town of Honolulu, or you can drive west which means you will have to leave even earlier to not miss the show. 
On the windward side there are always pretty rays that shine through the mountains as the sun is going down. I decided to walk up a small hill on the Marine base to get the best seat.

 Sadly there was no pinks and purples for this sunset but it was still very pretty.


  1. Wow just wow! The sunset is amazing!

  2. SO PRETTY!!!! I miss Hawaii so so much! :(

  3. These are just great!!!! Watching the sun set is one of my favorites, no matter were we've lived!!!