Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life Lately- pretty much all Emma

I once again need to play catch up with things that have been happening.
 Emma's new favorite thing to do is play in the down spout catcher (is that the name of it?) in the back yard. It is a screaming fit if I let Bolo out and she can not go. She runs strait to it and plops down in it to play. I'm not going to mention the torcher when its time to go back inside.
 This is the first time I have seen Bolo pick up a toy in about a year. 
He has been on his medication for Cushings Disease for a little over a week. 
I have seen a couple other improvements in my pup and that makes me so happy. 
He goes back for another test to make sure his levels in the medication dosage are correct soon.


 Cool Kids
 Emma is not a huge fan of anything on her head. A blanket over her while nursing is impossible. Headbands, hair bows and hats only last a couple of minutes so getting her to wear sunglasses has been a huge accomplishment.
Saying good bye to My Gym.
When Emma started these classes, she was the youngest one in her class. Now she has a taste of being the oldest (but maybe not the biggest). I think she had so much fun going to play here and I am sad that the town (or surrounding area) that we are moving doesn't have this gym.

 Beach sunset over the mountains.
Emma is obsessed with giving kisses.
I am taking as many as I can get!
(weird temporary furniture)
Trying to get Bolo used to his crate again.
Of course somebody had to test it out too.


  1. Her sandals in that first photo are so darn cute!

  2. The cool kids photo is awesome! And the sunset! I wish we had a gym like that around here too! And what is that thing in the picture below Hello?

  3. cute! Love babies and doggies together :)