Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things I will NOT miss!

-The Bugs!
Mainly the roaches!
There are 19 different species! 19!!!
This is the most common... eek!

Honolulu is terrible, no matter what time of day!  
(top 5 worst in America)
Go to work people! 

-No Chick Fil A
I love the plate lunches and Huli Huli chicken here in Hawaii, but sometimes I just want a good ol chicken sandwich with large lemonade...and nuggets...and coleslaw...and waffle fries...and I could go on and on.

Last but certainly not least...
-Pig Hunting!
 Sounds a little funny but it is a really sad thing out here.
(I have a good friend that works at the Humane Society so I hear about all the sadness)  
I love my puppy so much and I could never keep him in a small crate and starve him so hes ready to kill.
I wish they would just use a gun and kill their dinner, not a poor little puppy dog.
 And what a terrible way to go for the pig.
Being bitten and pulled to death.
Talk about suffering!

I feel like my list is pretty small....that's because I had a great experience here and don't want to leave.


  1. I have heard the traffic there is horrendous!

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