Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Visit Home

The plan was to send Emma and myself home to Ohio and stay with my parents a month early because Bolo needed to fly out before May 15th. Being a "snub nose" dog, they are not allowed to fly in summer months. I wanted to settle Emma in a couple days before Bolo got there so we left 3 days before Mike put Bolo on the plane.

Lets start at the beginning. 8:30pm (hawaii time)
Emma and I left Honolulu on a night flight to Seattle. She slept the whole way.
We had a 3 hour layover where she was a crazy girl in the airport. 
Boarded a plane for Minnesota. Slept the whole way.
 Had another 3 hour layover.
Was again a crazy girl in the airport screaming and giving me a hard time. 
Boarded a plane for Ohio. Had to get off the plane because something broke as we were reversing. Waited over a hour to board another plane to Ohio.
She slept the whole way. (landed 8:30pm the next day eastern time)
I am just so thankful that Emma did not give me a difficult time on the flights to where I was apologizing constantly. 

Emma finally met her grandparents and Mikes side of the family. I feel so blessed to have so many people love her.

On to the reason why we flew home early.
Poor Boy.
I am sure it was such a hard flight for him. He has done it once flying out to Hawaii but he was still a young pup back then.
He flew out and had a really long layover in Texas. Something like 16 hours.
From what I understand, Texas is suppose to have a nice facility for animals that are flying yet I don't think they even took Bolo out of his crate once.
He was covered in pee. The pee pads had no more absorbancy left to them. He couldn't grip the bottom of the crate to stand up because it was all wet so I am sure he was laying in his pee for hours. They also instruct you to zip lock dog food to the top of the crate and secure it with tape and have a bowl for food and water in the crate for easy feeding, yet the food was not even touched. It was still taped just the way we left it.
I don't get why they would instruct this but not offer it.?.
I am just so glad I have my puppy. I could tell it was rough on him. He still hasn't had a appetite and he just wants to sleep.

We have now been in Ohio for 10 days. I don't have a car here so that has been a little rough. Its a good thing my parents have a nice backyard.

Mike will be flying in for a quick visit here in a couple of weeks and then we will head down to our new "home" to find a place to live.


  1. Oh man!!! What a rough flight for Bolo, I am so glad that he is there with you now and he is out of the crate. Hugs to you all!

  2. Poor Bolo. That's weird they'd tell you to do that and not do it! At least you're/he's back in the states and you'll be good to go now, right?

  3. Oh, no. I'm really worried about our Shelby when it's time to fly back to the mainland. She's recently had ACL surgery and can not be in a kennel that long. No idea what we'll do about it. Hope Bolo bounces back soon. I know he was happy to see you.

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  5. I was a horrible mess when we had to ship / fly both our pups back to the Mainland when we left Hawaii. I think it affected me more then them because they both bounced right back. . Hopefully Bolo is able to get back to himself soon!!! :)