Sunday, May 3, 2015

Killing Time

The beach towels have been shipped....The hiking shoes have been shipped....The portable grill has been there is not much to work with these days.
We are living with a temporary couch that is hard as a rock and a temporary bed that has plastic wrapped around it. Every time you roll over or in my case, check on a crying baby, it sounds like your popping bubble wrap. But we are making due. Actually by the time you are reading this I have already made it to my first destination. Mike is staying behind to finish up work and will join us in a couple weeks. 
But on to this post.

We decided to make one last trip to the zoo since we are not prepared to do anything else.
Every time I go to to places like this my heart hurts for these animals.

 She made a friend

 Petting Zoo
 This tank had fish in it bit Emma was to busy to notice

 Leaving you with Hawaii's state bird.
The Nene.
The rarest goose in the world


  1. Oh my goodness, Emma and her little friend are adorable!! :) Enjoy the rest of your time there! Hugs!

  2. I hope you guys have safe travels and I sure hope you don't quit blogging!!!