Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall = Season and Water

We haven't been to southern West Virginia yet so we headed that direction a few weeks ago. It was when the leaves were still beautiful but starting to fall. 
The plan was to check out 3 waterfalls in the area. 
I wish it would have rained recently because all of these waterfalls are pretty wide with a big flow,
but what we saw was still really beautiful.

First stop was Brush Creek Falls. 
This was the one that I actually wasn't that sure we should go to. 
We had to drive a little further out of the way from the other two and I hadn't seen to many pictures so I didn't know much about it. 
I am so glad we went!
It was my favorite one of the day.

 It was nice to let Emma get out and walk being it was a longer drive to get out here. 

 I hope I am able to come back here during the rainy season. 
I can only imagine how amazing these falls could get. 

Next, we headed over to Camp Creek State Park
The park has two waterfalls there. 
The first we saw was Mash Fork Falls
It was a smaller falls that once again would be a lot wider if it had been raining. 
Still very pretty!
 I thought this stairway was pretty neat. 

The last falls that we saw was the more popular falls at the state park.
Campbell Falls 
I once again have seen these falls in photos when it had been raining and this time when we went it was so so tiny.  

 We had a great day playing outside looking at both waterFALLS and the FALL leaves. 

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  1. That first picture is absolutely amazing! I really need to come visit this part of the country. It's beautiful.