Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick-or-Treating Early

About two weeks ago, our farmers market and mall both were having trick-or-treating on the same day.
Luck for us, they were at different times. 
I met up with some friends and started the fun.

I love farmers markets.
I am so glad I had found out about Capital Market because the have the best green beans and peaches!
But anyways...we started there first.
I left her pink bow that I put in her hair fluff at home.  :(
 I was so surprised that she kept her duck costume on the whole time. We had been trying it on everyday but she would only last about 3 minutes in it each time.
 I think seeing the other kids helped.
 Some of the stands gave out the normal candy while others gave out apples and bananas.
  We headed to the mall after.
This picture does not show at all what it was like there.
 It was so unbelievably busy that this was the first and last time we will do this.
Waiting in a 20 minute line for a dum-dum is not what I call fun.
It was nice to see all the cute kids in costume but for my sanity...we will not be back.

They do a costume contest and there music was playing while people were waiting for it to start. We didn't stay to watch it. There must have been 50 babies waiting to go down the runway and that was just the first group.
There was 5 groups all together.
No thanks.
But Emma was having fun.

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