Sunday, December 6, 2015

Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2015

I am so embarrassed how late I am with this post.
The Marine Corps turned 240 years old on November 10th and we attended the ball to celebrate it. 

Last year Mike went solo due to Emma still being young. 
This year I had no choice but to go. Mike is in a position that I needed to meet and mingle with his Marines and spouses so it was a must I figured out who could watch Emma.

For some reason I have the hardest time figuring out the babysitter thing. I think about going on and then I just never do it. Hopefully soon someone will come into my life that has a daughter/sister/or whoever that is wanting to babysit and they are normal. The normal thing is VERY important to me. 
I ended up asking my neighbor if her daughter babysits ever. I don't really ever see this neighbor but I know she has 4 kids with a wide age range. One of them is even around Emma's age. She was so open armed with me leaving Emma with them for a couple hours. I felt so much better about it knowing she was really close to home. 

I felt that I could be excited about getting fancy now that Emma was taken care of. 

It would be nice to post the photo that we had professional taken, but they said it wont be delivered in till the end of January (thats west virginia for ya) and I am not going to wait even longer to write this. 

Cocktail hour, the ceremony then dinner and it was time for us to go. All of those things takes a big chunk of time so we left when the music turned up and lights got dim. We needed to get home to our baby.  

Overall we had a wonderful time at the ball. Everyone was so lovely to meet and it was nice to have a date with my husband. 

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  1. You looked stunning!!!!! I love your dress.