Thursday, December 10, 2015

Waterfalls Galore

(I am still having trouble with my internet so I didn't edit any of these photos. The quality is not the way I like it but there is not much more I can do  :/ ).

It had been a rainy couple days lately so I had to get out and explore.
Cathedral Falls 
A well known falls that is really easy to get to.  

Kanawha Falls 
I cant wait for summer so I can kayak up to these falls. 

Now, most of these falls only have flow when it is raining.
I think that this wall might be park of the MidLand Trail. Over 200+ years old. 

I just could not get enough of all the water flow I was seeing. 
Loving it so much! 


  1. Wow these don't need any editing they are absolutely amazing! I wish I lived in a place that had stuff like this, I would be there all the time.


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