Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

I had it in my mind that we would be cutting out own Christmas tree down this year. Mike and I had both never done it before,even as kids. So, I looked up where the closest place would be to cut your own. 
There really wasn't much to choose from. 
We pulled up and there was no one in sight. It was a "we trust you" kinda place. 
No one was even searching and cutting the whole time we were there so the place was all to our selves. 
This tree farm was on a really steep hill so once we found a tree, it had to be carried back up the hill to the parking area. 

Even though the concept of this sounds really fun, after searching for over a hour, climbing up and down and then back up the hill again, it started to get frustrating. This farm did not have much to choose from. All of the trees needed more meat on their bones. Lots of really scarce branches or holes where branches should be.  Even when we found one that looked semi OK, we would see another in the distance that looked "better", but when getting up close it was not good at all and then we would forget which tree was the one we were just looking at.  
I kept saying we could go somewhere else and pick out one like we did every year but Mike said it was a good experience and we weren't leaving without one.  
We were pretty much done with it so we picked one and got to sawing....or Mike did, I watched. 
This one is pretty bare and the back side has a huge hole in it. I tried my best to decorate it with a abundance of stuff so it would look somewhat fuller. 
It didn't work.
Ill show a photo soon. 

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  1. I'm sure it looks amazing! I've never cut down my own tree either, maybe one day.