Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We made a really quick trip home back to Cleveland for the holiday. We weren't really able to see anyone but our immediate family so that was a little disappointing.  

I also am a little disappointed in myself for not taking a lot of pictures. 
These were only the really two I have.

Emma loving some dessert. 
She couldn't even wait to get out of her seat to fall asleep after a big meal. 
Paine Falls was a quick stop to see some beauty
Overall it was a nice quick trip home. We hadn't been able to spend the holidays with family in over three years. Even though I would do anything to call Hawaii my home again, it was nice to be with family during special days. 


  1. Oh I bet it was nice to go home for Thanksgiving. Sweet photos :)

  2. We didn't take a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving either but I guess the memories you made are more important than a picture. :)

  3. That is too cute that she fell asleep in her high chair like that! And that fall is beautiful! Sadly I wasn't on my game in the pictures during thanksgiving department either. Sad!