Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby Girl

First off.
 Before I even start into this little girls corky ways. 
I finally have internet freedom!
We have paid our two year contract off early to our satellite internet provider and we now have UNLIMITED INTERNET! 
OH MY! What am I going to do with myself. 
I can watch Youtube Videos! I can watch Amazon Prime and Netflix! Skype! Mike can play his silly video games online! We can download music! I can upload as many photos as I like! 
I feel so free!

Just a little back story. Skip if you don't want to hear. 
 When we moved to WV a year ago I set up Direct TV. I asked them if they bundle internet and they pointed me to the direction Hughesnet. A satellite provider (because Direct TV is satellite they go together?) Anyways, I have lived in 5 different states and never heard of a "cap' on internet. Well, our bill was $95 a month and we got 15MB a month. That lasted us about half the month. The rest of the month we had to use our phone data...and couldn't even use our computer.
It was so frustrating...monthly! 
 So we paid the $260 to get out of the contract that I had know idea what I was signing when I signed and we kicked the satellite to the curb! 
I live in a city! No right person would have satellite when they live in the city! I have definitely learned to ask questions and really look into what I am getting myself into. 
Hallelujah! Its over! 

Anyways, on to this little girl.
I feel like I haven't done a update on this little booger in awhile.
She is unbelievable!  
I fall in love with her more and more each day with the beautiful personality that she has. I really am not just saying that because I am her mom. She truly is so unbelievably sweet and I hope I can just keep her that way with how cruel the world is. 

When we read a book that is sad, or the caricature is hurt she hugs the page and says "ohh baby, and never forgets the kiss.

Her "thank you" is spot on. She surprises me with how much she says it each day.

Her hugs and kisses are come out of nowhere and it is the best. 

If you have a "owha" she is the first to kiss it. Even if it is a freckle and she thinks its a owha it is kissed. 

She asks "you OK?" at the perfect times.

Just a very sweet little girl. 
A couple more things that she has been doing lately.

Blue is her FAVORITE color! 
I swear we talked about the color blue 50 times a day. She points it out at home, in the car, restaurants, friends houses, at the playground. All over the place! She will only color with a blue crayon or marker. She only wants blue paint when she is painting. A few months ago I would have told you she was obsessed with purple because it was the only color she could say. is blue all the way! 

She has become so independent as of lately. 
I am not allowed to help buckle her into her car seat or high chair. Getting dressed and undressed. Putting on her shoes. Brushing her teeth. 
Guess she is a big girl now.

I have still been struggling with breakfast meals. She usually wakes up around 6:15- 6:30 and I have not been feeding her in till around 8. It may seem like a long time gap but I still struggle every single morning getting her to eat so I want her to be hungry. Lunch and dinner are good but for some reason. She is not a breakfast girl. And trust me, I have tried numerous numerous foods! 

She really is loving movies now. She can actually sit and understand a little of what is going on. Despicable Me, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, just to name a few.

Pasta is still #1 in her book. 

She likes to tell us she is pretty. And of course we agree and tell her a million times through the day. 

She is still in love with wearing anything Elsa. 

Her new thing has been taking showers instead of baths. We have a shower head that can be moved up and down along the wall. I put it at the lowest height and it is at a perfect. I am not complaining because showers are just so much faster. 

Potty training will hopefully be happening soon. She will tell me after the fact when she went to the bathroom. She will sit on the potty but has yet to go. I am hoping once I get over my cold I can really start and give it 100%.

As of now this is all I can remember to write. Emma has been a true blessing and I cant wait for her to be a big sister. 


  1. I can't believe how big she is getting!

  2. i love the little personalities that come out!! she is so sweet!!