Sunday, June 17, 2012

RIP 2007-2012

    Mike and I went out last night. After walking home at around 1:30am we took the baby's out to pee before bed. We noticed a bunch of cop cars and a tow truck around the area that my car was parked.
   Mike and I have to park on the street because parking in the hotel is $20 a day which everyone else does too because there are always a ton of cars parked along the same road. Well Friday, after my job interview, I got a GREAT parking spot! It was the first spot that you could park in that was legal.
   Anyways.... Last night someone fell asleep while driving and rammed right into the back of my car pushing it into the car in front of me and pushing that car into the back of another. The guy I guess went to the hospital. (hopefully hes OK)  Now if you remember, my car was hit 2 weeks ago by another guy. I'm going to be making his day because my car is now UN-fixable and he wont have to pay anything.
   Even tho this car was such a lemon, and she has been showing her age lately, I still was not ready to give her up. I'm sad that it had to end this way. is my birthday on Tuesday...New car?


  1. Oh wow!!! :( Glad no one was seriously hurt.

  2. Oh girl, Im so sorry that completely sucks. I hope the driver who fell asleep at the wheel is ok. But man what a pain and a unexpected event. Car shopping is never fun, but I hope your insurance pays you for the car and what it was worth. Good luck with the car hunt!!!!!

  3. Ouch! :( I'm sorry that happened. Never a good feeling to find something of yours destroyed. But as you said at the end a new car is in order! Keep us posted with what you choose! :)