Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Bird

  A few days ago, I took the pups out to our normal spot. Its a park that is right where we are living that always has lots of people/dogs hanging out. Well as Bolo was doing his business I noticed 2 birds going absolutely crazy above in the tree that I was standing under. Well come down to it their baby fell out of the tree and I was about to squash it. It was just sitting there, so helpless. It looked like it wasn't hurt, just still to young to fly away. So I thought that it would be OK and he would be gone in the morning.
  Well the next morning he was still there. So being that I cant just leave a helpless animal and the whole thought it would haunt me for the rest of the day,  I called the Humane Society, and of course they told me to bring it in, (but we all know what would have happened if I did). They gave me the number to a Wild Bird Rescue but they were not helpful at all either. She told me that if I could not care for it, then just take it to the Humane Society. So I scooped the bird up in a Pop Tarts box and was about to take a drive over (I would rather it be put to sleep then be stepped on, run over by a trash cart/lawn mower, eaten by a dog or starve.) Just as I had it in the box, a lady that live in our hotel that has 2 dogs of her own came over to see what we were doing. She said that she has raised birds in the past and would be willing to help it. So I felt so much better!
She sent me this picture last night.

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