Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Because Im Evil

Cleveland Weather
   I think a lot of why I love Hawaii so much is because I grew up most of my life bundled and freezing. Grey sky's the whole season makes that place pretty depressing. Most winters were spent in the house because quite frankly, you didnt want to risk you life going back out on the slippery roads after you get home from work.
   Everytime the sun is shining out here, which is 95% of the time, I still look at it as I have never seen such a beautiful day.
Bolo and I took a long walk to the 2 beaches that are closes to my house. 
Yes, I am about to brag! 

I will contiune to soak up the sun for all you people that are wearing coats and gloves.


  1. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. :)

  2. Again.... I am packing our bags and heading your way! Kids and dog in tote! ;) That must be what heaven is like! :)

  3. I love how some of the locals say it's been "cold" lately. They have no idea!!! :)

  4. I need some more beach and ocean and sunshine in my life.

  5. I feel the same sometimes about moving to South Carolina :) I grew up in CT and we always had long, cold, gloomy winters and I hated it. It's cooling off a little now, but I still feel extremely fortunate to have had a week full of 70-degree weather in the middle of January!


  6. Aloha! ;-)

    I have the opposite affliction. Coming here {Oahu} from Texas, where the summers are *too* hot, it is a refreshing change to be where the sun does not necessarily mean 3rd degree sunburns and heat strokes. :)

    How much time do you have left here?

    1. We have 2 more years here. I feel like the first one flew bye. What about you guys?