Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pintrest Fail!

   I have been a Pintrester for some time now and this is my very first fail, which I think is not that bad.
I saw these AMAZING looking Italian cookies that I was dying to try. 

They look so good right ! ? 

And mine.....
I followed the recipe perfectly!
What the hell went wrong? 
I have no clue?
 My pastry's did not want to come off the parchment paper.
They were soggy so they were hard to pick up.
They weren't even cooked in the middle. 
 I'm a little pissed that I used all of the cooking oil in my house.
Not really what I had in mind. 


  1. :( Try again you never know it may work the 2nd time.

  2. Oh no :( I have tried several Pinterest recipes and they have come out pretty good. I never think they look quite as appetizing or pretty as the pictures the authors post =/ Don't give up on Pinterest, hopefully it was just a one time thing!