Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Waahila Ridge Trail - Failed

     I stumbled on this hike when I was reading about another one and thank goodness I did! It sounded awesome with some amazing views. 
    It was raining on and off the whole morning at home but because the weather is so different through the whole island we took our chances hoping for the best.
    It was such a beautiful drive getting up to the park. Winding in and out up a pretty steep hill.

I love hikes with Cook Pines.

Manoa Valley 


Here comes the rain.

 Very slippery rocks!
 Strawberry Guava

 Can you see it?

  Palolo Valley

 Soaking wet! 

   So our plan was to finish Wa'ahila Ridge and continue to Mt. Olympus. (they connect)
   We  walked for a good hour with it down pouring and with this hike being about 6 miles long we weren't even close to the end not to mention, Mt. Olympus is no joke.  
   We decided because the rain was not letting up, the slippery rocks were making us take even longer and we were in the clouds with no great view, we turned around.

It was such a cool hike that we will be doing again for sure!


  1. Wow you guys are troopers I would have turned around as soon as it started raining haha.

  2. Awesome. Sorry the rained sort of ruined it but that is a cool hike none the less.