Saturday, July 6, 2013

China Walls + Spitting Cave +Beach Action

Mike and I took a drive around the other side of the island today to have lunch at the Kona Brewing Company.
And while we were over there, we stopped at a few spots.
First was China Walls.
I was a little underwhelmed. Of course it is beautiful, but Yelp reviews made is seem like it was the best place ever. 
There were a couple people jumping, which was pretty cool
 Next we stopped at Spitting Cave.
Now this place was pretty awsome!
 Diamond Head in the distance
really really expensive houses get to overlook this view
 Looking at the cave.
People come here to jump into the cave and explore.
Not me!
 Two Monk Seals

 Such a cool place!
Next, we overlooked the Hawaii Kai Harbor as we ate.
 And then headed towards home, only to make a quick stop at the beach.
Now I'm just bragging...
 I know I'm lucky I live here but I shouldn't rub it in so much.
Now excuse me while I go cake on some cover up. I had my sunglasses on all day and now I have raccoon eyes.


  1. Loved living in Hawaii, miss is so much. Enjoy it and soak it up girl!!!!

  2. Love that last picture! And damn those people in those expensive houses! We love Kona Brewing Co. <3

  3. Gah! That is GORGEOUS! Just peeking in as a new follower - looking forward to reading more from you :)

    - Ashley @