Friday, July 12, 2013

Kalihi Ice Ponds

We headed to Kalihi on this rainy day, to do a short hike down to a waterfall that I heard flows heavy all year.
Little do people know...wild wallaby's live on Oahu, and this is there area were they have been seen. I was crossing my fingers that we would be able to see one...of course, that never works.
It would just not be the same without a little art work on each and every trail.
Looks like a century old go cart
This was the trail, not a stream
This is me standing at the falls but looking up where we came. 
The only sketchy part of the hike.
Thank goodness for the ropes!
Super steep as you go up...and slippery
So beautiful!
 There are two sections where brave people can jump. 
And also, there is a second waterfall with another pool to swim right above this waterfall. (look close)
 Pretty cool spot!
 *not to self- bring bug spray next time!


  1. That's really pretty, we did a lot of hiking when we were there but not this one.

  2. SO COOL! Def looks like a muddy hike! And that old golf cart looks soooo creepy.